Stubborn Body Fat

It’s unanimous – stubborn body fat is a royal pain! If diet and exercise alone have failed you in reducing love handles, chubby thighs, a double chin, etc., you’re in for a change of luck. Our FDA-cleared treatment options for tackling stubborn body fat are designed to deliver ideal results painlessly!

Struggling with Stubborn Body Fat?

Stubborn body fat often develops due to poor diet and lack of exercise; however, this is not always the case. Genetic factors and aging are often culprits, despite persistent self-care. When diet and exercise isn’t enough to get the body we want, it’s important to realize that alternative solutions are available – that many people use but don’t talk about (shhhhh!).

Non-Surgical Treatment Through SculpSure

SculpSure is a heating treatment solution for getting rid of stubborn body fat. This non-invasive device works by targeting fat lipids and blasting them intermittently with lasers. Throughout the procedure, SculpSure minimizes pain and discomfort through a generalized cooling system. While the fat burns, you stay perfectly cool and comfortable. SculpSure treatments typically last for 25 minutes and require no downtime.

Expected SculpSure Results

Results from our SculpSure treatment are visible in as little as six weeks after your procedure.* Following your visit, your body will be hard at work dispelling destroyed fat cells. However, no downtime will be needed and you can rest assured that those fat cells will not return.* Though SculpSure’s technology is designed to optimize weight loss, it is still recommended that you continue your regular diet and exercise routine.

Body Fat Treatment in Palm Springs

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* Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.

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