Skin Laxity

Loose skin after weight loss is a common issue that many people face. You've worked hard to keep those pounds off, darling, you don't deserve this! Try as you might, your exercise and diet routine simply don’t do the trick. But don't worry, Envē has come to your rescue! Our loose skin treatment system is geared toward helping you achieve the tight, taut body you desire without having to go under the knife.

Struggling with Skin Laxity?

Skin Laxity, or looseness, usually begins in one’s 30s. As you age your body decreases its production of collagen – the protein that gives skin its elasticity. In addition, facial volume changes from the disappearance of fat in the cheeks also contributes to laxity. Though subtle at first, these changes become more pronounced further down the line. Having loose skin may make one appear much older than they actually are.

Effective Laser Treatments

TempSure is a non-invasive laser treatment used specifically to tighten skin. TempSure uses radio-frequency waves to minimize sagging, wrinkles, and fine lines. The device works by heating the skin in order to promote natural collagen production. This non-surgical treatment option is a safe way of improving skin tightness without the risk of added damage or downtime. Best of all, it is 100% safe and pain free!

Long Term TempSure Results

With TempSure, results can be seen instantly!* After the procedure, you will radiate with a natural glow and feel noticeably “tighter.” Subsequent follow-up sessions may be required to help you reach your ideal aesthetic goals. However, each treatment will stimulate natural collagen production, leading to gradual skin improvement.

Request Skin Laxity Treatment in Palm Springs

Trying to remedy loose skin on one’s own is often a fool’s errand. You’ve worked hard for your body and deserve to look the way you want to look! Call 760-699-2832 or submit your information via the form below to schedule a consultation with Envē California Aesthetics today. Help us help you sculpt the body of your dreams.

Treatments for Skin Laxity

* Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.

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