Kybella® Double Chin Treatment

Our Kybella® injections can help contour your profile and get rid of that double chin for good. Schedule in Palm Springs or Orange County.

Getting rid of a double chin can be such a hassle! When it comes to reducing submental fat, a bit of help is always welcomed. At Envē California Aesthetics, we want to give you the beautiful contour you deserve. The Kybella® injections offered at our luxurious MedSpa are FDA-approved and ideal for submental fat reduction! If you’re interested in improving your profile, we welcome you to schedule your consultation and discover all that Envē has to offer.


What is Kybella®?

Kybella® injections are made of a special compound called synthetic deoxycholic acid. This formula is made up of the same naturally occurring molecules found in the human body. These molecules are formulated to help break down fat and aid in its absorption. When injected under your chin, this treatment can make a significant difference in the appearance of your profile through effective chin fat removal.

Is Kybella® right for me?

This injectable treatment is FDA-approved and safe when administered by our professional Envē providers. If you’ve wanted to improve your profile, but feel concerned about the procedure, we’ve here to put your mind at ease! We’re happy to discuss your goals and concerns during your consultation to ensure that you are 100% comfortable before committing to Kybella®. This treatment is a good fit for just about anyone interested in getting rid of their double chin for good.

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What can I expect from the treatments?

When you visit one of our MedSpas for your double chin fat removal treatment, a member of our dedicated staff will administer the Kybella® solution via multiple injections under your chin. The total number of injections will depend on your specific needs. The typical session time for Kybella® is usually about 15-20 minutes. Up to six treatments spaced at one-month intervals each have been shown to deliver the best results.

When will I notice my results?

After your Kybella® injections, you may experience some mild side effects such as swelling, bruising, and numbness under your chin. The good news is that these concerns will only last for about three days at most. After they subside, you will see a dramatic improvement in your profile and the tightness of your under-chin skin. Most patients begin seeing the effects of Kybella® after three treatment sessions, but up to six may be needed for the best results.

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