4 Habits of People with Glowing Skin

What positive changes could you make to achieve and maintain a healthier glow of your very own? Below I’ve listed 4 common habits each and every one of us should master to obtain what I like to call a ‘filter free glow’. Read on!

1. Stay Hydrated

When a client comes in expressing concerns regarding fine lines at such a young age, my first question is almost always, “Do you start your day with water or caffeine ?”. Without adequate water intake, skin appears duller, and wrinkles and pores more pronounced. Instead of rushing out the door with coffee and a pastry, try starting your day with a tall glass of water or my absolute favorite, a coconut water based fruit smoothie. If you’re ordering coffee, ask the barista to pair your cup of joe with a venti cup of water. Getting into this habit alone has dramatically improved my glow and significantly reduced fine lines on my forehead.

2. Start your day with a clean face

If you’re not washing your pillowcase each morning, best believe you should be washing your face. A morning cleanse will make all the difference.
Dead skin cells and allergens may collect on your pillowcase and be transferred to the face throughout the night. It is always a good idea to remove any remaining skin care product that was not absorbed overnight, so you may have a clean surface for your AM products to better penetrate. Typically a morning skin routine is not as complex as a pm routine, however it is just as important. My suggestion? Cleanse, tone and follow with an antioxidant serum to protect your skin from free radicals and other environmental stressors. Power Defense Antioxidant serum by Neova, contains an advanced formulation of copper peptides and antioxidants to protect against signs of oxidation, and visibly repair photodamage. If you’re feeling fancy, add a day time (retinol free) eye serum to keep fine lines at bay, and finish with my favorite tinted spf, HydraTint Pro Mineral broad spectrum spf 36 by Alastin. This tinted mineral sunscreen is water-resistant for 40 minutes, reef-friendly and promises to leave you with a healthy soft glow!

3. Purchase the Correct Product

I know how tempting it is to be drawn to the prettiest, best smelling, shiny new, influencer endorsed products that pop up on your Instagram feed. I’m going to ask you to please resist, and I am going to tell you why: Everyone’s skin is different, just because an oil based cleanser has been working its magic wonderfully on your best friends face, does not mean it will be just as amazing for you. Maybe your skin type is more on the acneic side? Maybe you need something a bit more purifying with some active ingredients in it?
Instead, schedule an appointment with a licensed skin care professional (me!) before making the big decision on which new line of items to baste your face in! A licensed professional is trained to identify your skin type, and recommend the best products and treatments based on their finding and your goals.
Book a complimentary consultation with me here at Enve California to get matched to the best medical grade products for your skin type!

4. Stay Consistent

So you’ve booked your skin assessment, purchased the products. Now comes the fun part: Using them! As mentioned in step 2, wandering amidst the skincare section at Target might be a way to self soothe for many of us (me included). Don’t give in! Give your new medical grade products the time they deserve! Glowing skin doesn’t happen overnight. Like all good things worth working for, fab skin takes commitment, not a miracle.

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