Sound Wave Therapy for ED and Pain

Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction typically come in the form of prescription medication. While many medications are effective in helping men, taking pills may not appeal to everyone. For those looking for a natural remedy, there is Envē's specialized Soundwave therapy procedure.

Sound Wave Therapy for ED

Erectile dysfunction is typically caused by illnesses that obstruct blood flow such as diabetes and atherosclerosis. High blood pressure and advanced age are also common culprits. Regardless of the cause, Sound Wave Therapy is designed to address the issue by stimulating blood flow and breaking down micro-plaque. The device works by using high-frequency soundwaves and is clinically proven to improve erectile function without the need for invasive procedures or medication.

In addition, our Sound Wave device has also shown to be an effective tool for pain management. Particularly beneficial for those with wrist pain, Sound Wave can provide long-lasting, therapeutic relief to target areas.


How does Sound Wave Work?

Envē’s Sound Wave Therapy system tackles ED through the use of low-intensity extracorporeal wave energy. By administering the waves in short bursts, our treatment allows us to gradually improve blood flow to the penis. This leads to a gradual improvement of erectile function and promotes the growth of additional blood vessels. Over time, you will experience better and better results after each Sound Wave session.

Expected Procedure Results

Through Envē’s Sound Wave system, you can expect improvement for up to 2-3 years following treatment.* Though mild results can be experienced right after treatment, optimal performance takes about 6-12 treatment sessions.* The procedure is completely pain-free and requires no downtime or prior preparation.

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Many men struggle with chronic pain and Erectile Dysfunction. However, non-surgical relief is now an option through Envē’s Sound Wave technology. We’re happy to offer you the safe alternative to medication that you deserve. Call 760-699-2832 or share and submit your information via the form below to request a free consultation with one of our physicians today.

Concerns treated by Sound Wave Therapy for ED and Pain*

* Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.

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