Erectile Dysfunction or Pain Management

Erectile dysfunction is a common issue affecting over 3 million men each year. If you've noticed a drop in arousal, know that you’re not alone. Thankfully, modern science has discovered many ways of treating ED, and Envē is proud to offer one to our clientele.

Why Does Erectile Dysfunction Occur?

No, erectile dysfunction (ED) is not always due to performance anxiety. With increased research the scientific consensus has swung out of placing the blame on psychological issues and into the physical ones. For older men, erectile dysfunction is usually caused by illnesses that obstruct blood flow such as diabetes and atherosclerosis. High blood pressure is also a common culprit. Regardless of the cause, a revolutionary new treatment option has just become available for addressing the condition.

Effective Treatments for ED

Envē’s Sound Wave Therapy system tackles ED through the use of low-intensity extracorporeal wave energy. By administering the waves in short bursts, our treatment allows us to gradually improve blood flow to the penis. This procedure is completely non-invasive and has no side effects.

Expected Procedure Results

Through Envē’s Sound Wave system, you can expect improvement for up to 2-3 years following treatment.* For best results and optimal performance 6-12 treatments are required.* The procedure is completely pain free and will lead to long lasting benefits.

Request ED Treatment in Palm Springs

Erectile Dysfunction is a common condition affecting men across the globe. You’re not alone and you do have support. Envē is here to offer you a safe and caring treatment option. Call 760-699-2832 or share and submit your information via the form below to request a free consultation with one of our physicians today.

Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction or Pain Management

* Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.

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